Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is one of the biggest shopping fiascos of the year. It is seen as one of the most influential and ideal times to get ahold of the best deals and discounts for items on your list - whether you’re buying online or in store. It is also the perfect time to shop for holiday gifts or splurge a bit on yourself. However, to get a chance to score the best deals, you must begin early.

 Here are some tips to help you plan to get the most out of the slew of discounts.

Checking out brand advertisements and websites early will give you a greater advantage towards organizing your day. This will allow you to save precious time as you will know where to go, and what to buy. Black Friday is a day everyone waits for and early preparation guarantees that you can get what you need, by getting it at the best prices.

As you browse online websites or walk around malls for items you want to buy, re product research and customer reviews of different brands. This will ensure you are buying the correct item at the best price as most sale items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable!

It is also advisable to begin your day early. The earlier you go, the less crowded it is. This also means that stores have greater stock and you are able to browse products in a calm and efficient manner.


Another top tip is to try and go to a shopping center in a relatively less crowded area. As most people wait for these sales, there will always be bigger crowds at more centralized shopping locations. Smaller malls, farther away will have less people which will make your shopping experience calmer and more worthwhile!

 On the contrary, you could check online websites before sales begin and add items to your shopping card. Later, as soon as discounts are added, it is easier to just process the payment before items sell out. It is also beneficial to make a list with items, brands and prices so that when deals do begin, you are able to navigate stores and websites easily and purchase your items before they sell out!

 It is also strongly recommended to check latest fashion updates and see what is new in season before impulsively buying. Items that are high in demand (such as new, unique shoes) would sell out much faster.

 Considering the upcoming winter season (which is predicted to be colder than the previous years), a worthy buy would be a warm but fashionable pair of boots. Luckily for you, Privileged has an abundance of trendy boots available - in all colours, shapes and sizes! There’s some for everyone, but they sell out quick! Make sure you choose beforehand and grab one during the Black Friday sale to prevent any disappointment.


Adding these popular, must have shoes to your list will ensure you are dressed for the upcoming season in the latest styles and fashion!




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