Shoes are a fashion statement and must be given the same if not more limelight than clothes. They are not only considered as a footwear for comfort or warmth but also an accessory. One’s entire look depends on the shoes they choose and if by chance, your shoe does not go with the outfit, trust me, your look will be incomplete.


To have the perfect shoe with the outfit you chose, one needs to know the importance of what each shoe signify. Each shoe has an identity attached to it – an identity which projects its use, its purpose and its relevance. Amateur eyes wildly confuse boots with booties and likewise. So, let’s break down how they’re both different.

The main difference between the two lies in the length of the shoe. Boots are relatively longer ranging between one’s mid-calf and their knees, whereas, booties are shorter in comparison and usually covers the upper ankle or lower ankle line. The material of these two types of boots do not generally differ – they’re made from either suede or leather. Boots tend to gives an illusion of a longer and leaner leg as it increases in length whereas booties tend to give a shorter if not the same length and width of one’s leg.

Another distinctive feature between the two is the weather appropriateness for each shoe. While both shoe types cover the foot from front and back, boots are usually worn in the fall or winter seasons to add up for warmth and protection from the chilly winds and cold weather whereas booties can work in any seasons primarily due to its length. It not only provides coverage to the foot from the coldness but also leaves the calves bare for the summer weather. But, one point must be made is that despite the weather and the material, it is one’s fashion sense which dictates which shoe to wear.

While weather is an important element to keep in mind while choosing a shoe, the right pair of socks or leggings can definitely compensate. Both boots and booties typically can be styled in casual and formal ways however, boots angle more towards a formal attire. These type of longer in length shoes goes best with skinny jeans when they’re tucked so that it doesn’t bunch up. Conventionally, boots, typically Chelsea Boots, go well with formal dress pants and create a professional and put-together look for males whereas for females heeled ankle boots best suits flowing dresses or boot-cut jeans which can be either styled up more or styled casual. Booties also look casual and chic with skinny jeans so ultimately boots or booties, with the right outfit, both looks equally good.


At the end of the day, it is the shoes who take the major spotlight. It is important for everyone to know and understand the purpose of different shoe types and gauge correctly which shoe goes well with which outfit. The right shoe can make up your entire outfit, so choose your shoe wisely for it will serve you well.



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