Imagine this: dressing up for an important event, slipping into your timeless elegant heels, and confidently being on top of the world. Feels powerful, right? There is only one thing that can prick your confidence, and that is every girl’s biggest fear: a broken heel.

Not only will you have to bunny-hop home, but it will also ruin your mood and excitement.

However, what if we tell you that there is a way to avoid this dilemma? Since your heels and boots are what support you during the long haul, it is important to take care of them. Your luxurious heels deserve a little pampering too so that you could use them longer and protect your investment.

Here is how you can prevent heel damage. With these tips, you can keep your feet on the ground, and your eyes on the prize.

1.   Proper Cleaning

Doesn't matter how expensive or high-end your heels are, it is going to break down without proper maintenance and cleaning. While some might disagree, buying a good pair of heels is a long-term investment. If you take care of them, they can be timeless and elegant ready to be worn at any event even years after the purchase –that is, if you don't let them collect dust on the shelf.

The key is to keep them in good shape. Clean your heels every once in a while. Suede heels can collect a lot of dirt and debris on the surface, use a suede eraser and polish it to preserve its shine. Don't EVER dunk your heels in the bucket of water. It will make the stitching and glue break apart further damaging your heels. Just take a wipe or a damp cloth to brush out dirt from the sole, surface, and heel.

2.   Keep Up With Heel Hygiene

Even if you don't wear them daily, keeping up with heel hygiene is essential. Rain and sweat can make the insides of your heels damp and smelly. If you notice any moisture inside your heels, it is a red flag. Not only will it create a bad odor, but moisture will also damage the glue and binding of your heel.

During rainy and muddy weather, it is important to let your heels dry before you store them. Place your heels in a cold, airy, and open space so that they can dry faster. Letting air dry is the best option, but if you don't have access to a breezy space, you can use a dryer and let it sit outside for a few days. You can also use a few pinches of baking soda to get rid of the smell.

Use cleaning sprays that suit the material of your heels. For instance, leather heels cannot be cleaned with regular cleaning sprays. Suede removers are used to get rid of the mud nestled inside the crevasse of your heels. Some cleaning sprays can also damage the color and texture of the fabric, so make sure you are using the right products.

3.   Smart Storage

Don't make your pretty heels suffer by shoving them in a cramped humid cupboard, one on top of the other. Inefficient storage can damage your heels a lot. Sharp gems can tear other heels' fabric and leather. Moreover, you can also lose those precious gems that make your heels look so stunning and shiny. We are sure you don't want to do that. Therefore, invest in a good storage shelf to keep your gems and pearls intact.

When you get back home, check your heels for any scratches and dirt. Repair it before stowing it into the self to forget all about it. Put charcoal packets inside your heels to protect them from nasty odors and humidity.

4.   Learn the Heel-Walk

Let's just agree that your delicate heels aren't made for stomping the ground. Heels definitely make you feel the most confident, but wearing them regularly can be bad for your shoes and your posture. Let them have some rest before they are ready to take on the challenges of your action-packed days. Some stilettoes can easily be damaged because of heavy thuds and stomping. When you are wearing heels, walk gently. The heel walk is different from your usual walk. Don't angle your feet weirdly or your heel will snap in two.

Place your feet gently on the ground and move with poise –after all, wearing heels is all about elegance and sophistication. If you are a beginner and notice your feet bending at all the different angles when wearing high heels, we recommend you start easy. Don't jump straight to high heels. Start with short heels and platforms to get used to the heel walk. Once you get used to it, you will be ready to take on the world with nothing but a pair of red high heels.

5.   Keep Switching

Remember to give you and your heels a little rest. We understand that everyone has this one pair of heels that they love and can't stop wearing on every occasion. However, they will wear off and break if you are over-using them. Keep switching between more comfortable options like low heels, platforms, and boots to keep your feet glammed up while letting your favorite heels take a day off.

6.   Repair it

From dirt and sweat to bearing your body weight whole day long –Your poor heels go through a lot. At the end of the day, they deserve a little care too. While damaged heels aren't entirely avoidable, you shouldn't toss them aside at the first sign of wear and tear.

Repairing them on time is a great way to extend the life of your heels. It's more affordable than buying a new pair every time you see a small tear in your heels. By following these simple steps, you can make the most out of your investment and wear your favorite heels all year long without breaking them. We suggest investing in a reliable pair of heels, and you will be all set to take on the challenges of this world.



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